We are a leading Multi-brand lubricant distributor company in Africa; with 21 world class brands supplied to various industries across the continent



We are one of the leading suppliers of drummed Avgas, Jetfuel, Diesel, Petrol and illuminating Paraffin in the African continent.



We are suppliers of various types of Petrochemical solvents used in many industries including Bulk and Drummed products.



Available in a range of ISO grades and viscosities to meet the most demanding requirements.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of AFRILUBE. We have designed this website in a user-friendly manner in order to ensure quick and efficient access to information. We seek to provide the website’s visitors with an in-depth view of the AFRILUBE’s wide spectrum of objectives, activities and Plans, in addition to various economic reports and indicators, across African continent. Moreover, the website provides information on our key partners and their support to Africa’s market development. We would like to welcome you once again to AFRILUBE’s website, which we hope you find interesting as well as beneficial. Please feel free to share with us any suggestions or ideas that may improve the quality of our services.



  • Understanding your Needs

    Because of our knowledge and experience with companies in Africa, we understand the crucial role that lubricants play in your daily operations. Our team of experts struggle level best to help you:

    . choose the right products
    . store and apply your lubricants correctly
    . Achieve continuous improvement through equipment and process performance monitoring.

  • Lubricants – small Cost, big impact

    Buying low-quality lubricants can be a false economy. Lubricant costs can be as little as 2% of the total maintenance costs. We focus on providing performance products that can help to reduce maintenance requirements and energy use, and services that are designed to improve maintenance and business practices, and thus lower your overall costs.

  • Locally Supported Services

    Reliability can be improved by using high quality oils that offer enhanced protection for longer along with our lubricant analysis service, which is designed to reduce costs and add value by:

    • identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical
    • extending lubricant life, thus reducing change-out frequency, maintenance downtime and procurement costs
    • Reducing risks and contributing to safe and reliable operations.

  • Our Customer Range

    includes Mines, train stations, airports, garages and industrial workshops, Construction companies, Public transport agencies, borders towns, limited-access highway facilities, military facilities, government or tender service facilities, gas/convenience stores, department stores and super stores, mobile units, off-site sales accounts, supermarkets and home improvement retailers.

    We have satisfied clients throughout African continent, specializing in supply of quality lubricants, greases and oil products to Companies and Industries. As a Multi-brand lubricant supplier, we have an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and service. Our keen knowledge of the African market has helped us develop value- added solutions that answer to the needs of today’s clients.



Heavy-duty, reliable performance on bearings, gears, chassis, wire rope and other demanding grease applications.


Severe-duty service for automotive, open, worm and other industrial gears, including EP and non-EP applications


Reliable service for power generation applications, fighting water, oxidation and thermal degradation.


H1 and H2 solutions for heat, cold, moisture, rust and oxidation, foaming, staining and more

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