It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of AFRILUBE. We have designed this website in a user-friendly manner in order to ensure quick and efficient access to information. We seek to provide the website’s visitors with an in-depth view of the AFRILUBE’s wide spectrum of objectives, activities and Plans, in addition to various economic reports and indicators, across African continent. Moreover, the website provides information on our key partners and their support to Africa’s market development. We would like to welcome you once again to AFRILUBE’s website, which we hope you find interesting as well as beneficial. Please feel free to share with us any suggestions or ideas that may improve the quality of our services.

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Our Customer Range includes Mines, train stations, airports, garages and industrial workshops, Construction companies, Public transport agencies, borders towns, limited-access highway facilities, military facilities, government or tender service facilities, gas/convenience stores, department stores and super stores, mobile units, off-site sales accounts, supermarkets and home improvement retailers.

AFRILUBE, a group of companies that sell full range of Lubricants, Base Oil, Bitumen, Petrochemical products and Mining Equipment in to Africa; is owned by the Zenik Holdings (Pty) Ltd.